Welcome to Family Caring Trust's website, where you can find out more about some of the best resources for supporting parents that the UK and Ireland has to offer. For over two decades, the Trust's resources have been among the most popular universal parenting materials in Britain and Ireland - over half a million parents have experienced at least one of our low-cost community based courses. Our parenting and family relationship materials are skill-based community education programmes that provide a safe, structured setting for adult learning. They are delivered across the statutory, voluntary, faith and community sectors and have been translated into Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Icelandic, Japanese, Latvian, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, Welsh and Xhosa. Sadly we have now closed for business and regret very much that we cannot support you in your work with parents, young people and couples. 

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Parents tell me they feel more confident, cope with challenging behaviour more calmly and enjoy time with their children more.Laura Rendell, Hallam Caring Services
We have found the materials easy to use and that parents have been able to follow them and use them to develop their parenting skills.  Liz, ACE Family Centre Service Manager, Oxfordshire
Some parents who have gone through the programme are now facilitating the material which is a huge success for Leeds.Lauren Dunstan, Senior Parenting Practitioner, Leeds Family Hub
I've facilitated many 0-6's courses and have always loved being a part of them, seeing parents growing in skills and confidence.Eleanor Hart (via website feedback)
I have really enjoyed the course, we've benefitted greatly. I have learnt new skills and realised all the good things we already do.Paul
This programme has helped me and my daughter become better together no more shouting from me and no more throwing from her.Sally
The way the course has been clearly set out has meant that its been easy to follow. Ceri
These programmes are invaluable. Everyone should have an opportunity to attend - whether or not you feel you are struggling!  Rachel, Little Treasures Children's Centre
My child is happier and more confident in school.Claire
This course has given me the inspiration and belief I can improve life at home.David
It has been invaluable in changing how I approach parenting. Before, I felt lost and confused. It gave me techniques to prevent this.Niamh
A wonderful programme, I enjoy facilitating it. As a grandparent, it is a joy to see my daughter use the skills intuitively. Le gach deMarie, Co Galway
It's always a joy to see parents become less stressed and to enjoy their families more.Sue, Brough
Great, great coursesJill, Reading
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