'A Place in Parenting History'

22 July 2018

In May 1996 Yvonne Healy of the Irish Times interviewed our founder Michael Quinn. It's a fascinating account of a time just ten years after Family Caring Trust began - a time before government intervention and before the professionalisation of parenting support.  Here's one snippet as a taster, but you can read the full article here.

But although the demand for, and interest in, parenting courses is growing, it remains a minority activity.

"We have reached more than a quarter of a million parents in 10 years and over 10,000 people have voluntarily acted as facilitators," says Quinn.

However, the uptake of courses remains relatively small. In one Dublin school 65 per cent of parents took the course, but that is unusual.

"The process works," he says. "Some of the greatest sceptics have become the greatest converts particularly professionals who initially were doubtful that ordinary parents could run training courses successfully."