A Roaring Success!!!

3 December 2015

Val just wrote to let us know what happened on a Pram to Primary programme she recently offered:

"Hi, I've just finished a group for parents of 0-5s, and wanted to let you know the evaluation reuslts, using the Satisfaction questionnaire. Mum of boys 5 and 2y - scored 23 at start, 36 at end of course. Mum of boys 19 and 4 scored 28 at start, 41 at end of course.*

Only 2 people, but such lovely mums, and comments. They both say the course has been life-changing, 'I've fallen in love with my son again', said one.  They feel that the course information is helping relationships throughout the family, and will continue to prove its worth. Both will keep the little pink book, and refer to it often, and show to other parents too. They couldn't have been more enthusiastic, or supportive of each other. A roaring success!!! Thank you FCT."

*The Family Satisfaction Scale is one of two new evaluation tools we recommend. It measures how satisfied people feel about their family cohesion, flexibility and communication. In this case both parents scored 'very low' at the beginning ie 'are very disatisfied and concerned about their family'. An end score of 36 is rated moderate (there is an intermediate stage of 'low') ie 'somewhat satisfied and enjoying some aspects of their family'. An end score of 41 is rated high ie 'satisfied with most aspects of their family'. The scale includes one higher rating of very high.