About Us

Family Caring Trust is a Charity founded in 1986 to support and empower parents by providing practical, skill-based resources to improve family relationships. The materials are constantly being revised and added to and the Trust is grateful to Barnardos and the Department of Health for their contribution to the development and production of some of these materials. The Trust’s resources are considered be the most cost-effective in the UK and Ireland - they are much less expensive than most other parenting materials because the Trust operates on a client-oriented, non-profit basis and is committed to never owning property.   

Michael Quinn, founder and executive director of Family Caring Trust, completed a Master's Degree in Community Development and Family Studies in 1984. Mr Quinn has developed eight community programmes of which the most popular is the "Noughts to Sixes" Parenting Programme. His books, co-authored with his wife, Terri, have sold over two million copies. In an article on Parenting in the Guardian, Sharon Maxwell Magnus asked the professional officer for the Health Visitors’ Association for England Wales and Northern Ireland what book she would recommend – by Penelope Leach, Sheila Kitzinger, Dr Spock, Chris Green…? “None,” she replied, “they all make parents feel guilty. But if you were to ask me who was doing the most effective work in helping parents, it would have to be Michael Quinn, The Director of Family Caring Trust."