Being Assertive: 'stimulating' 'motivating'

20 July 2018

Family Life Ministry in the Diocese of Leeds has just completed delivery of our Being Assertive Course. In all, 16 people (12 participants and four facilitators) attended each week for 6 weeks to get to grips with some of the principles of assertiveness and to practice some of those difficult conversations we all face saying 'no'! Here's some of the feedback - more information from the diocese is available here.

Why not buy and try the course for yourself?  Order online here.

What was the best thing about this course?
I found this course really stimulating motivating me to look closely at my relationships with family and friends
Meeting & discussing the ideas with the other participants
The videos were really helpful
Learning the skill of saying 'no'
Realising and becoming more aware of my rights and needs

What was your overall 'take home' learning?
To not stress so much
To reflect on behaviour
It's okay to take time for yourself
You have a right to ask for what you want/express your feelings (although you might not get it you keep your dignity) and that it's okay for others to do this too.
To be assertive yourself before you can be assertive with others