Resources for Churches

Family Caring Trust has no formal links with any religious organisation. However, over the years a wide range of churches and faith-based charities have used our parenting and family relationship programmes and some have approached us to develop additional programmes specifically tailored for family ministry. We now publish two programmes specially for church communities that also reinforce the values and ethos of our parenting programmes: Enjoy Praying and What Does God Expect of Parents?  To order any of these resources please visit our online shop.


Enjoy Praying: Ways of Meeting God as you Pray With the Gospels

The programme is designed to promote family prayer by increasing parental confidence in leading prayer.  The course allows people to experience a variety of methods of prayer with Scripture so that they may discover what works best for them and what suits their individual personalities. The handbook facilitates and reinforces learning and also helps address the need for solid catechesis on prayer and spirituality.

Customer feedback indicates that the programme remains an effective resource for supporting personal prayer life and deepening the community life of a parish. The programme can be delivered in four sessions at weekly or monthly intervals by a catechist or other volunteer with experience of working with small groups. A facilitator script and guidelines on delivery are included in the Facilitator's Guide.

Costs: Facilitator's Guide (Praying with Scripture) £9.50 / €11.00  Participant Handbook (Enjoy Praying) £8.50 / €10.00

Participant feedback:  "As an introduction to different methods of prayer, I found it very helpful. Obviously, some people are suited to some methods more than others, so it is necessary to experience the different methods in order to discern the right way for oneself, which may change at different times anyway. I would recommend the course to parishes, especially during Advent or Lent, or to any group of Christians. It could be used on an individual basis, but would serve a somewhat different, although overlapping, purpose."


What Does God Expect of Parents!

This programme is designed to help parents assume their responsibilities as first teachers of their children in the ways of faith, through structured reflection on what God expects of parents, on what holiness means at home and on family prayer. Material is provided for their children to reflect in separate sessions on their behaviour at home, peer pressure, and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Children and parents come together towards the end of each session to pray the scripture provided. The parent handbook includes an additional chapter of background on confirmation and appendices on prayer and guided meditations for the home.

Costs: The kit includes two facilitator guides (1 each for the parent and children's sessions) which provide an outline of each session including learning outcomes and equipment checklist, a DVD plus a parent's handbook (£45). All items can be ordered separately:  facilitator's guide (£9.50), parent's handbook (£3.95), DVD (£30).

Parent feedback:  "I wish I had been to these sessions earlier in my parenting life. I found it very useful and uplifting. It has confirmed for me I am making good choices." "I enjoyed the DVD, in particular thinking about the concept of 'Holiness' as central to relationships and family life." "Very positive; made me understand prayers in everyday things and life." "Enjoyed the video; made me realise how many times I pray in my day." "Some great ideas for family time and prayers."

Programme outcomes: Feedback from parents over a number of years indicates that the programme increases parental confidence in praying at home, deepens their awareness of family spirituality and sense of being a domestic church as well as fostering relationships with others in the school and parish.