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Family Caring Trust supplies materials to hundreds of organisations and individuals each year. It has not always been possible for us to keep up with who is delivering our programmes, when and where, but the sidebar links will take you to those facilitators who have registered with us and have given us permission to share their contact details. Please contact our office if your area is not featured here. We may be able to put you in touch with someone who prefers not to have their details published. Email:

Registration Process for Existing Facilitators

Family Caring Trust has never believed in creating unnecessary structures. In fact many people have never heard of us because we have been so successful at working through existing organisations.  However, after a lot of thought and reflection we have now launched a process to register all Facilitators of Family Caring Trust parenting, couple and young adult programmes. We hope that all those who have been quietly delivering our materials in the community since 1986 will sign up for registration.

Why are we doing this? One of the reasons is so that we can offer facilitators more support and on-going professional development. Formal registration will also, we hope, offer facilitators credibility, both with parents attending courses and potential funders. To help with this we are providing those who register with a unique registration number. 

In terms of support we wish to begin listening more keenly to facilitators, advertising their programmes on our website  and learning from them how things are working out - or not -  on the ground. We want to strengthen our evidence base and we want to make sure our programmes continue to be fit for purpose. In terms of on-going professional development we are looking at organising regular conferences, increasing the availability of training and making much of this accessible to those who cannot easily travel to attend events in person.

None of this will be possible without a determined effort to get to know better those who are delivering our programmes. This registration scheme is the first step in that process.

A small registration fee is an inevitable part of this step forward, though we have waived all fees for the first year for those who registered before December 31st 2012, and will be treating fees as voluntary donations collected each September via our Virgin Money Giving page. The fees will go some way towards covering the additional administrative costs in maintaining a Register of Facilitators and providing that on-going support.

Register online now. Or download the form on our blog to complete and return.

If you have any questions at all about this process please contact Elizabeth Davies by email:


Facilitator Registration Form


Please see list of available downloads below:

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