Parenting in the Early Years

From Pram to Primary School:
Parenting small children from birth to age six or seven.

How do you cope with all the pressures of daily living and still meet small children's need for affection? How do you cope with children who won't eat or sleep or co-operate? How do you help children grow in confidence and self-esteem? Here is a simply written, jargon-free book that does not pretend it is easy, yet offers fresh, thought-provoking ideas, common sense suggestions and effective support to parents dealing with children from six months to seven years old. This is the Handbook used by all parents following Britain’s most popular parenting course, the "Noughts to Sixes" Parenting Programme, but parents not following the course also find the ideas extremely useful. The few hours you may take to read the book could change your life. Developed and produced in co-operation with Barnardos.

The programme provides material for seven or eight weekly sessions offering effective parenting support to parents of babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and children in the first few years of primary school. Simply written, it offers a jargon-free, common sense approach. The boxed kit includes audio-visual input (choose either DVD or video format) incorporating the BBC's acclaimed QED programme on parenting, also two leader's guides, twenty-five certificates, and one copy of the parent's handbook, From Pram to Primary School.

Handbook last reprinted: 2011
Leader's guide last reprinted: 2010
DVD/Video last updated: 2008

Costs: Boxed Kit: £55 / €65  Facilitator's Guide: £9.50 / €11.00  Parent's Handbook: £8.50 / €10.00 DVD or Video: £30 / €35

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Other Languages Available: Programme materials have been translated into Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Danish, Icelandic, Russian and Spanish (South American). 

Commissioning Toolkit: This programme was last rated by the National Academy for Parenting Research in 2011. Visit the Commissioning Toolkit online at for further details.

Who uses this programme? In the last ten years more than 80,000 parents have followed the From Pram to Primary School programme. These are just a few of the organisations who have made this possible. 

Parentis, Kent

The Crownlands Children's Centre, Plymouth

The Wishing Well Project, Crewe

Daniel's Den, Brent


Parent Feedback: "This course was very worthwhile, making me sit back and think about the way I 'parent' and whether there is a different way of doing things." "If anything, the course has reaffirmed that parenting is hard work, but there have been lots of suggestions about what to do." "We had a great time; I have learned a lot, and it could help me in other areas of my life, too." 

Programme Outcomes: This programme has featured in a number of parenting studies since it was first published in 1995. A 2011 analysis of pre- and post-programme evaluations, using the downloadable forms below, gathered from across five regions of the UK showed that the programme is "an effective preventative strategy providing parents with support in managing their children’s emotions and behaviour. It offers early intervention in an informal, flexible manner giving parents an opportunity to talk, experience and modify their parenting styles to improve the quality of family life as their children are prepared for school in pre-school settings.  Parents were positive about the impact the programme had, valuing its informality, flexibility encouraging examination of parenting styles, changing parenting styles and being able to discuss problems and successes with others facing similar situations. There was very little negativity."

In their feedback, the National Academy for Parenting Research confirmed that "the Noughts to Sixes is underpinned by an evaluation demonstrating significant improvements in parent and child behaviours. The pre/post use of standardised measures (CBCL, PSI, HASDS) suggested significant improvements in child behaviour, parental well being and parental stress in a sample of 49."  

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