Parenting School-Age Children

NEW - What Can a Parent Do?
Practical skills to help parents (of children aged 5-12) be happier and more effective.

Parents have described this practical, simply-written book as a ‘lifesaver.’ Useful in reducing tension, squabbling, tantrums and fighting, establishing clearer, more respectful parenting guidelines, and making children happier and more responsible. Now revised and redesigned for the Primary years (parents of children aged 5-12).

The programme offers eight weekly sessions to help parents of children five to twelve years old to improve their communication skills and create a framework of discipline and respect in their families. The boxed kit includes up to 10 minutes' audio-visual input for each session, also, two leader's guides, twenty-five certificates, and one copy of the parent's handbook, What Can A Parent Do? Parents of children aged up to 7 or 8 years usually get more out of this course if they have experienced our 0-6 programme first.

Handbook newly revised and reprinted: 2014

Costs: Kit: NYA  Session Guide: £8.00 / €9.50  Parent's Handbook: £8.50 / €10.00 DVD or Video: £30 / €35

Other Languages Available: Programme materials have been translated into Japanese, Latvian, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish (South American), Tamil, Urdu and Welsh

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Who uses this programme? In the last ten years more than 40,000 parents have followed the What Can a Parent Do? programme. These are just a few of the organisations who have made this possible.

Billericay Parents Forum

Leeds City Council Family Hub

Flame Family Chichester

Hallam Caring Services

Kerith Community Church

Diocese of Galway Pastoral Services


Parent Feedback: "A lot of useful and practical tips." "It has made me realise I am not unusual or alone in my family’s problems." "The course has helped me a lot; I have really started to think about how I communicate with my children, better communication is so important to improving family life." "The course has been supportive and fun, that’s been important - and meeting other parents in a relaxed environment."

Programme Outcomes: Evaluations indicate that the programme increases parental confidence, improves family relationships and equips parents with practical strategies to manage behaviour without conflict. Many parents have also gone on to train as facilitators and to deliver the programme themselves.

In 2012 we analysed the findings of an SDQ test administered by 39 parents to their children before and after experiencing a parenting programme designed to increase their skills and confidence as parents.  Overall these findings indicated that there was improvement in the domains of emotional behaviours, conduct, hyperactivity and social attitudes and expectancies as a result of the parenting programme.

The programme has also been evaluated using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS). Findings demonstrated significantly statistically reduced levels of clinical anxiety and depression. Parents demonstrated an increase in more positive ratings of personality states such as not shouting at their children and being more calm and energetic at the end of the programme.


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