Strengthening Couple Relationships

Couple Alive
Effective support for couples of all ages, with practical skills to make your love last - or to renew it!

A practical book offering tips, guidelines and skills that have helped to support engaged, cohabiting and recently married couples as well as couples married up to forty years. Based on up-to-the-minute findings by leading researchers Markman and Gottman, yet written in simple, jargon-free language. Helps couples deal respectfully with areas of tension and assists them in deepening or renewing their love, commitment and understanding for one another. A great book for any couple.

Six weekly sessions for couples at all stages - engaged, cohabiting, recently married or together for up to forty years. Helps couples deepen or renew their love, commitment and understanding for one another. Also teaches the "Listen and Check" method which has dramatically reduced rates of separation, divorce and domestic violence among couples who have learned to use it in Europe and the United States. The boxed kit includes a video, two leader's guides, and a participant's handbook, Couple Alive.

Costs: Boxed Kit: £55 / €65  Facilitator's Guide: £9.50 / €11.00  Parent's Handbook: £8.50 / €10.00 Video: £30 / €35

Other Languages Available: Programme materials have been translated into Spanish (South American).


Who uses this programme? Among those who use this programme are the following organisations:

Families First, Crawley



“Recently I have worked through the Couples Alive programme with my husband and three other couples.  Much to my surprise, having been married for 30 years this May, there was still so much I had to learn about my husband - life is full of surprises!  The Listen & Check without necessarily the need to find a solution has released us from the unhealthy patterns of behaviour we had fallen into.”

"I enjoyed reading this very much. It is well structured, activities are well presented, and the language is clear."
Roni Maher, Training Practice Co-ordinator, Relate.

"Inspirational. This book deserves to have the widest possible readership and should be on every bookstall." Ron and Rosemary Foyle, UK National Executive, Marriage Enrichment Association.