• Parents tell me they feel more confident, cope with challenging behaviour more calmly and enjoy time with their children more.

    Laura Rendell, Hallam Caring Services
  • We have found the materials easy to use and that parents have been able to follow them and use them to develop their parenting skills.   We have also used them in 1:1 situations and found that they have enabled us to support parents when they are struggling with often complex parenting issues.

    Liz, ACE Family Centre Service Manager, Oxfordshire
  • I have really enjoyed the course, we've benefitted greatly. I have learnt new skills and realised all the good things we already do.

  • This programme has helped me and my daughter become better together – no more shouting from me and no more throwing from her.

  • The way the course has been clearly set out has meant that it’s been easy to follow.

  • Some parents who have gone through the programme are now facilitating the material which is a huge success for Leeds.

    Lauren Dunstan, Senior Parenting Practitioner, Leeds Family Hub
  • I've facilitated many 0-6's courses and have always loved being a part of them, seeing parents growing in skills and confidence.

    Eleanor Hart (via website feedback)
  • My child is happier and more confident in school.

  • This course has given me the inspiration and belief I can improve life at home.

  • These programmes are invaluable. Everyone should have an opportunity to attend - whether or not you feel you are struggling!


    Rachel, Little Treasures Children's Centre
  • It has been invaluable in changing how I approach parenting. Before, I felt lost and confused. It gave me techniques to prevent this.

  • A wonderful programme, I enjoy facilitating it. As a grandparent, it is a joy to see my daughter use the skills intuitively. Le gach dea ghui.

    Marie, Co Galway
  • It's always a joy to see parents become less stressed and to enjoy their families more.

    Sue, Brough
  • Great, great courses

    Jill, Reading