We have now closed for business (12/11/2018) but while our website is still available you might wish to read about our programmes and how they worked.

How do the Family Caring Trust courses work? 
All are easy-to-run, flexible, courses for groups of 8-12 participants. For each course there is a Facilitator's Guide with simple, clear instructions for each session (including a script which facilitators may use if they wish). Secondly, there is a Participant's Handbook (with case studies, skill-practice ideas, simple exercises and short chapters written in simple, jargon-free language). Each participant needs a copy of the Handbook – this needs to be borne in mind when ordering, as only one copy is included in the kit. In most of the courses there is also audio-visual input (DVD or video format) presenting typical family situations. 

Not for profit, low-cost resources that work!
After 25 years of working alongside statutory, voluntary, community and faith based organisations in their work for families, we know how much our materials are valued by those working on the ground. Since we are committed to our charitable objectives we keep the costs of our materials as low as possible so as not to place unnecessary obstacles between families and those who seek their best interest.  We also offer a generous discount and remove delivery costs on all orders over a certain threshold - check our order form for details.  

Where do the programmes come from? The programmes, designed to provide support at all stages of the family life-cycle, have been developed and tested in co-operation with statutory and voluntary agencies throughout Britain and Ireland (see Values and Evidence Base). Participants in the groups are enabled to improve their skills and develop more honest, respectful relationships in their families. The situations presented in the books and CDs/videos come out of a variety of age ranges and different social and ethnic backgrounds.

Optional Spiritual Dimensions The Trust has no links with any religious organisation but there is an optional Christian dimension and an optional Islamic dimension for each of the courses, written by committed people from within those faiths.