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Where to go to Learn About Finance

As adults there are quite a few of us that leave school knowing very little about finance. This is because schools do not tend to teach us a lot, but then we have to start work, go to university and enter adulthood and be expected to know how to handle money. Unfortunately, some of us do not manage to do that very well. Even if we do manage, it could be the case that we could do better. Therefore, it could be a good idea to have a closer look at finance and make sure that what we are doing is right for us. However, we need to make sure that we are getting information from reliable sources.


There are lots of websites with information about finances and money. However, not all are as good as others. Some have bias in them because they are trying to sell you things such as emergency loans, books or courses. However, there are others which have really good information on them. It is good to look for an unbiased source which has information put forward in a clear and simple way. The government has a money advice service which can be a good place to start. Money Saving Expert is also a useful page, although it has a lot more information on it so might seem daunting. If you search for the specific areas you need help on though you will find some useful guides.

Websites are a great way to learn more about personal finance.


Like websites, there are many finance books and they vary a lot in the information that they provide and how good it is. The first thing to check is to make sure that you choose a book that is based on UK finance as information can differ greatly between countries. Also make sure that it is an up to date book so that you are getting information that is still relevant. Check out the reviews and see what others think as that could help you choose the right one. Make sure that you find a book that is right your level of understanding and the types of financial aspects you want to find out about. If you are short of money, remember to try your local library – they have lots of ebooks you can read if you cannot get out to a library or do not have one close to you.

People we know

It can be really handy to learn from other people as well. Chatting to others to find out any advice they would give can be great. Whether they had problems that they have learned from or always been good with money, it is likely that they will have some useful things to tell you. It is not always easy getting people to open up though as speaking about money is not always seen as a topic of conversation that is acceptable. However, it does not have to be too personal, you can ask people what they have learned about money, what advise they could give and why and they will not have to reveal more than they feel comfortable with.

It can be good to gather lots of information from different places. This will allow you to be able to learn lots. By learning a lot of things you will be able to make better financial decisions yourself. This should help you to borrow and budget more wisely, spend more sensibly and feel much more in control of what you are doing. Having an understanding of different financial products and the options open to you will also help you to make better decisions through your life.